World of Blyton Blog has had 2,000 views!

After our excitement when we reached 1,000 views in 17 days, we’ve made another 1,000 in just 10 days. We really can’t believe it. (We’re not going to blog every thousand views… we’ll stop by the time we reach 10,000 or so, promise!)

We’re also proud of our world-wide reach – which of course is all our own work and has nothing to do with it being the World Wide Web or Blyton’s world-wide appeal 😉 – here is a map of our views, we’ve had visitors from every country that is coloured in.

Our visitor map

The ten countries where the most views come from are currently the UK, Australia, Malaysia, India, the US, South Africa, Germany, New Zealand, Thailand and Indonesia.

We’d like to thank everybody who’s ever read the blog (again), it makes all the hard work and late nights totally worth it.

What would you like to see on the blog in the future?

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2 Responses to World of Blyton Blog has had 2,000 views!

  1. G KELLY says:

    Well done to you all. I am not surprised that you have so many views. The quality of your blogs are outstanding. Francis



  2. sunskriti says:

    Yes, totally. Even I’m not surprised at all!! And what’s up with the name G KELLY, Francis?



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