First Monday in August

I’m not sure how or when but apparently it is now August and the year’s rapidly slipping away from us!

Things are as disorganised as ever this week behind the scenes on the blog, shame on us! We’re still waiting on contributions to trickle in, so our Wednesday post this week will be the next chapter of Poppy’s Adventure Series fanfic, which I’m sure you’re eagerly waiting for.

Stef is going to give us her review of Last Term at Malory Towers, and I will either do another crafting how-to or review a biography, I haven’t decided yet.

Our other news is that we reached  24,000 views this week, so thank you to everyone who’s dropped by to see what we’ve written lately.

Note from Stef: I would just like to wish Paul Child (who will not like me for bringing this up! 😉 ) who played Dick in the 1990s Famous Five TV series) a very happy birthday as today is his birthday! So many happy returns Paul, from us here at Word of Blyton! Have a lovely day!

[For any news about Paul, follow his band’s Facebook page here and check out his music at– and trust me, the music is quite special!]

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer, even if it has been a bit rainy lately here in the UK. I’ll leave you all with a few photos I took at the Crags of Lundie in Angus, Scotland.

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