First Monday of the year

It’s the first Monday of 2014, and with a lot of grumbling most of us are back at work (I’m definitely grumbling.)

It’s not all bad, though, as we have something very special and exclusive lined up for Wednesday, so hopefully it will provide us all with a little bit of mid-week cheer.

Stef’s not sure what she’ll do, maybe some more of her fan fic, or maybe a surprise.

I’m hoping to do another crafty-how to, as I made Stef something for her Christmas with a Famous Five theme.

That’s about all there is in blog news this week, except for the fact we have reached 41,000 views! I’ve finally made it out on a walk (my first in a month!) so I’ll put on a few of the photos I took, and hopefully there will be more walks (and more photos) in the coming weeks as I attempt to walk off some of the food I ate over Christmas!

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4 Responses to First Monday of the year

  1. pippastef says:

    I especially like the picture of the Tay after Sunset. Good colours, nice composition, especially with the curve of the shore out into the water.
    Smashing picture, and hugely jealous.


  2. chrissie777 says:

    Lovely pictures :)!


  3. Francis says:

    Your photos are always worth looking at, Fiona.


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