First Monday in June

Gosh this year is going so fast. We’re in JUNE already – now that is scary!

So this week we have a new contributor, Laura with a very specific catalogue of Famous Five caving locations!

Fiona is going to (hopefully) do another Noddy book, assuming I send them in time (I still haven’t managed to send her the books she brought when she was down with me a couple of weeks ago).

I don’t know what I shall do, maybe a review of the O’Sullivan twins if I get around to reading it, or another review entirely. I also might favour you with another Character examination; if you remember I’ve already looked at Timmy, and Bill Robinson from Malory Towers. Now I’ve almost come to the end of The Missing Papers, it seems I won’t be able to fall back on my story when I haven’t had the time to blog! Oh dear! Still I’m sure I’ll manage something!

So I shall leave you with some more pictures from the day out at Old Thatch that Fiona and I took with the Enid Blyton society, and because people have been wondering about where all the people are in my pictures, I shall include some! Also don’t forget to go over to Two Points of View, to see some more of our pictures!

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4 Responses to First Monday in June

  1. chrissie777 says:

    Stef, you take the most beautiful photos! I particularly like the one with the part of the boat surrounded by water. Did you use a certain filter to enhance the water?

    Can’t wait for Lauren’s post on FF caves. I love the one in vol. 3 “Five run away together” on Kirrin Island.


  2. Francis says:

    Brilliant photos again – didn’t need to take any myself (just as well as my battery expired!).
    Many thanks. Francis


  3. Pete says:

    Yes,the cave post sounds scintillating! Might give us some ideas for a day out too!


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