Last Monday in October

The clocks went back yesterday and we got a lovely extra hour of sleep. It’s lighter in the mornings now, but darker in the evening, and you can feel winter’s not that far off. All the more reason to stay cosy inside with a good book!

Or, if you can put down your read for a short while there will be a new chapter of Poppy’s Adventure Series fanfic going up on Wednesday, and I’ll be reviewing my next Noddy book on Friday, then Stef is hoping to review Summer Term at St Clare’s for us on Sunday.

The big Blyton news of the moment is that there is going to be a live action film based on the Faraway Tree Series. I think this has divided fans a little. Some are excited and others are worried as to how it will be turn out. I remain cautiously optimistic. My only question right now is: will I manage to actually read the books before the film comes out?

Despite the weather I managed to get out for a walk this week (the first time in a while) so I will leave a few photos for you to look at. I think you would have to say the theme was leaves!

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One Response to Last Monday in October

  1. chrissie777 says:

    What a cute rabbit photo!
    We have two small wild rabbits. They seem to live under our garden shed or beneath the deck and once in a while we can watch them play on the lawn very early in the morning. Last week I put some baby carrots on the lawn, but they didn’t touch them.


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