April Poems

I know, this is not what was promised, but bear with me. I’ve got a wonderful April and equally thrilling Easter Poem for you all today from The Enid Blyton Poetry Book.

The first poem is one about April called Child April. 

Oh, April is a fairy child, a fairy child is she,
As wayward as the little winds a-blowing,
For will she smile or will she cry, for all the world to see,
There’s never, oh, there’s never any knowing!
So pelt her with the apple-blossom. scatter her with daisies,
Cool her feet with pearly drops of dew,
Call upon the little birds to sing her pretty praises,
And bid the sky bedeck itself blue!

Oh, Cuckoo, are you coming now, for April wants to hear
Your pretty double-note among the trees?
You mustn’t disappoint her, or she’ll cry a little tear,
And sent it silver-splashing on the breeze.
She’ll weep until a rainbow about the sky is glowing,
And then she’ll laugh and gaily dance away,
And by the springing bluebells you’ll know the way she’s going,
To seek the cuckoo, singing loud and gay!

So that was the poem about April, which personifies the month of April into a child in a way, making it seem as though her tantrums are the cause of all the variable weather we get!

Now we have a short poem about Easter, to keep seasonal! It’s called A Happy Easter.

A Happy Easter, birds and bees,
A happy Easter, laughing trees,
A  happy Easter, daffodils,
Whose golden cups the sunshine fills.
A happy Easter, lambkins white,
And little rabbits, skipping light,
A happy Easter, skylark gay,
And Cuckoo speeding on your way.
A happy Easter, one and all,
Whether you are big or small,
Little snail or mighty tree,
A happy Eastertide from me!

Isn’t that nice? I shall leave you with some spring flower pictures by Fiona and myself  And without being too cliché;

Happy Easter!


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One Response to April Poems

  1. Francis says:

    Lovely – thank you Stef.
    Happy Easter


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