Reblog – Review of The Children at Happy House by Poppy

We’ve got another reblog this week, this time it’s a review from Poppy’s own blog. She’s reviewed The Children at Happy House, the first of three books about that family. The first two, as she says, can be found fairly easily in a single edition but the third title – Benjy and the Others – is very scarce and I’ve never seen one for sale.

The last time this delightful novella, by Enid Blyton, was published was in 1966, so this is just a quick reminder that if you are inspired to buy the book: there are some reasonable copies on eBay, etc – instead of looking for it in modern bookshops. My copy is a Collins 2 in 1 hardback, also containing the sequel to this entertaining family tale: called The Happy House Children Again.

Part 2 of this review will be an in depth analysis on the sequel, so please look out for that, in a few weeks. Anyway, there is no major plot which runs through this 62-page family story, but there is plenty of entertaining sibling rivalry…

You can read the rest of Poppy’s review here.

The happy House Children

The Happy House Children

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One Response to Reblog – Review of The Children at Happy House by Poppy

  1. Francis says:

    Poppy really is good at reviewing stories I haven’ found or
    read – well done!


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