Bank Holiday Easter Monday!

Well wow oh wow, in less than two weeks I’ve had my birthday and easter! How bizarre this is! I honestly don’t think they have ever been so close together!

I know you’re all dying to hear what I got for my birthday, but you know, I can’t take about it all! I got a surprising lack of Blyton this year, but then I think its because I have most of the stuff I want. Still there will be a time when I come across some more and I won’t be able to stop blogging about it!

Anyway, once again we have managed to forget to put up Chris’ post AGAIN! Oh dear we are very bad, and we promise, promise promise to have his blog up for you on Sunday. In fact we’re going to make sure its ready to go for Sunday right now! (Chris, we are so sorry!)

Fiona’s blog will be Wednesday this week and she will be reviewing the Rockingdown Mystery for you all! I will be blogging for Friday and as of yet I don’t know what I shall do exactly, either another audio or a short story review. You shall just have to wait and see!

And there we are, this week’s blogs! Hope you’re looking forward to them as much as I am!

Here are some pictures I took before Christmas when I went to Cliveden in Buckinghamshire, a national trust property. HOpefully when the weather clears up and more flowers come out I’ll go again and take some more! For now I shall leave you with these!

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2 Responses to Bank Holiday Easter Monday!

  1. Francis says:

    I am sure you will soon be back in the Blyton swing again, Stef. It will soon be warmer again and time to explore the bookshops!


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