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To make finding posts (and especially other posts within a series) easier I’ve listed them all here with links (and I’ll add new posts as they are published). First are the series of posts, then one-off posts by category.

If you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for you can browse what each of our writers have written from their links on the Our Writers page, or use the category cloud on the right side to pick a topic. You can also use the search box to see all articles featuring “The Famous Five” etc.

There are separate pages for fanfictionbook reviews, character posts, Blyton’s poems, recipes, updates to Blyton’s books and TV series posts

Series of Posts
10 Facts About the Famous Five and Me
By Stef
By Fiona
Banshee Towers Sagas
The tale of how I completed my Five Find-Outers and Dog collection by Fiona
Banshee Towers, You are Mine by Fiona
Su’s Five Find-Outers and Dog Collection by Su
Blyton at Christmas
Blytonian Confessions
Confessions of a Blyton addict by Francis
Confessions of a Blyton fan by Corinna
Corinna’s confession: Five on a Treasure Island
Blyton Related Crafts
How to make a book covered box by Fiona
How to make a canvas book bag by Fiona
How to make canvas wall art by Fiona
Bourne End Walks by Stef
Enid’s Inspiration: Bourne End in the Autumn
A Winter Walk
A May Day Walk
Sunset at Bourne End
Bourne End Under Water
End of the Season
Buying and collecting Blyton Books
A week of Blyton buys by Fiona
Buying Enid Blyton books in Charity Shops
Collecting Blyton’s books by Fred
Collecting Children’s Books by Fiona
eBay of Adventure by Stef
Hunting for Blytons in Hull by Fred
Chris’ Three Favourite Adventure Series Books
The Castle of Adventure
The Mountain of Adventure
The Valley of Adventure
Chris’ Three Favourite Famous Five Books
Five Go Adventuring Again
Five Go Down to the Sea
Five on Finniston Farm
Favourite Blyton Books
Fiona’s six favourite Enid Blyton Books
Stef’s six favourite Blyton books
How to get Blyton’s Style
Camping and adventuring materials
Style for boys
Style for girls
Monthly Flowers
JulyAugust , SeptemberOctober, November,  December,
My Childhood Books
Part One (Amelia Jane and the Famous Five)
Part Two (Adventure Series and Malory Towers)
Part Three (Secret Series, Galliano’s Circus and the Adventurous Four)
Part Four  (Barney Mysteries and The Five Find-Outers)
Part Five (Secret Seven, St Clare’s, Farm Series, Naughtiest Girl)
Part Six (Stand Alone Titles Part One)
Part Seven (Stand Alone Titles Part Two)
Recovering from illness in Blyton’s books
Part one: Flu
Part two: Measles, coughs and colds
Part three: Mumps, scarlet fever, whooping cough, unknown illnesses and illnesses at school
Seasonal Reads
Winter and Christmas part one
Winter and Christmas part two
Seven Stories Visits
A trip to Seven Stories in Newcastle part one
A trip to Seven Stories in Newcastle part two
Visits to Old Thatch and Bourne End
A Blyton-y, Blog-y Bourne End Walk!
A Visit to Old Thatch and Bourne End
Bourne End and Old Thatch June 2013
When Francis went to Old Thatch
Stand Alone Posts 
Enid Blyton and her Life
A Beckenham Day Out
A Summary of her Writing Career
Article Review: Granny, Noddy and Me an Interview with Sophie Smallwood 
Article Review: Are the Days of Enid Blyton bashing over?
Article Review: Rivals Or Allies? Malcolm Saville and Enid Blyton
Article Review: An Interview with Enid Blyton
Article Review: The Children Who Inspired Enid Blyton’s Famous Five Book covers are revealed
Blyton’s Britain part 1
Blyton’s Britain part 2
Enid Blyton’s Blue Plaque Appeal
Here’s to Enid Blyton on the 44th Anniversary of her Death
Games and Toys
The Famous Five Adventures Card Game
The Famous Five Card Game
The Famous Five Party Game
The Famous Five Stationery
Noddy at the V&A Museum of Childhood
Noddy in Fuzzy Felt Toyland
Personal Stories
A Blyton Childhood in New Zealand
A roundup of Blyton presents
Another roundup of Blyton presents
A Very Blyton Christmas
Beaconsfield, Bekonscot, Blyton Close and a little bit of Bourne End
Best of Blyton at the library
Blyton’s Bonfires, Guys and Fireworks
Birthday Presents and Boots Libraries
Blytonian Presents
Bringing Books to University 
Bringing Blyton to Life: A Blyton Library Event
Enid Blyton Day 2012
The Enid Blyton Magazine
Feelings of Old Thatch
Fiona’s Blyton wishlist
Fiona’s present round up 2016
Find-Outers in Retirement
Green Hedges – The Inspiration For My Watercolour
How every part of my holiday reminded me of Blyton
How to Throw a Famous Five Party
A look at Enid Blyton’s Magazine
The Magic Gold: An 8-year-old Corinna’s tribute to Enid Blyton
More on Enid Blyton’s Magazine
My Christmas Present Round Up
My Favourite Birthday Cake – Enid Blyton Style
My favourite Enid Blyton quotes
Learning French with The Famous Five
Mystery, Magic and Midnight Feasts!
Preview Night
Three Irreplaceable Books
Very Blyton Birthday Presents
What I nearly bought this week…
Why I love re-reading Blyton
The Blyton Book of Keepsakes
The Bumper Blyton Improvised Adventure
Five Go Underground
An interview with Sue Welford – Author of the Just George Series
So Many Editions
The Trials of Aunt Fanny – Feeding the Five (and Quentin)
What Blyton products we would like to see in 2016
When people search for Enid Blyton, what are they looking for?
Books for babies: the lead-up to Blyton
10 Signs You Read Too Much Enid Blyton as a Child
The Controversial Enid Blyton by Jayde-Ashe
Creative Kid Thursday – Wonder Reader Faith Jackson!
Getting children to read classic books, or not! by Wendy’s World
Literary Love Letters: Dear Enid Blyton, From Samantha Tonge
A Postcard From Enid Blyton by Roger Thiedeman
35 Things We Learned From the Famous Five a reblog from Forever Amber
The search for Kirrin Island – Memories by Hans van der Klis
Wandering in the dark near Kröller Müller by Hans van der Klis
JSlawit’s introduction to Enid from Where there’s a Jill there’s a way

If you’re looking for any of our admin posts – such as Monday messages or milestones etc, you can use the Blog Talk category to see them all.

Updated 16/06/17

Please let us know if any of the links are broken/wrong or you think there’s a better way to organise the material in this list.


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